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Tana4Media Agency is based in Khartoum, the capital of Sudan. It operates on the regional arena to cover news of Darfur and African neighboring countries, including South Sudan as well as the Ethiopia, where the African Union and its affiliated organizations are located in its capital Addis Ababa. Our main goal is to provide information from diverse perspectives, collaboration, action and citizen engagement which enhance the role of a responsible media.

In the current situation, we all need to be aware of how the media operates. The vitality of our political and cultural discourse depends on a free and diverse media that offers access to all: journalists and media professionals, organizations, and activists.

See How it Works

Tana4Media, thanks to its qualified journalists and technicians, has accumulated professional knowledge in the field of journalism, and it has a solid expertise in the use of modern technology and keeps pace with the ever-changing means of news production and media, and all that is done with dedication and passion for the latest tools created in this field.

As we move on in this field, we are fully aware that switching on the camera is not enough without the cultivation of our artistic skills. Further, our artistic path is based to a great extent, on our inherent need to create content and leave a fine mark in the world.

However, this alone won’t help us on with the introduction of our work to the art community. As a result, we make sure, through our activities and initiatives, that our work reaches the right audience and potential partners since such a meaningful augmentation is crucial to achieving success.


We are driven by a thirst for knowledge. Our commitment to discovery is fed by a sense of wonder for the universe, and for our evolving capacity to explore it.

Technical Excellence

Our extended team of staff, collaborators, and partners combined are the best and are unparalleled in expertise. The success of our work is dependent on it.


We believe it is our responsibility to put our knowledge and expertise to work for the betterment of humanity.


We believe in stepping up and addressing unmet challenges. We don’t believe in wishing for the best, but instead in exploring and devising solutions with the best outcomes.

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