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Human Rights

The main headlines of the Khartoum Press on Tuesday

Khartoum 24/04/2018 –  The Khartoum newspapers on Tuesday dealt with a number of internal issues, were the fuel crisis and the lack of transport is still at the top in the main headlines, focusing on the repercussions of the crisis and the announcement of the Ministry of Finance to the arrival of ships loaded …

Repercussions of the fuel crisis headlines the Khartoum Press

Khartoum 23/04/2018 – The escalating fuel crisis in Sudan covers the main headlines of the Khartoum press on Monday, with the majority highlighting the lack of transportation and congestion caused by fuel queues at some gas stations.

AlSudani –  “Aggravated fuel problem and a severe transport crisis in Khartoum” read the headline, and AlSudani reported …

Khartoum complains about the effects of the economic sanctions

Khartoum 22/04/2018 – The Minister of Finance Abdul-Rahman Dirar called on the international community to lift the economic sanctions imposed on Sudan by lifting its name from the list of countries which sponsors terrorism. He seeks to address all foreign debts and the negative effects of economic sanctions on Sudanese citizens.

The Sudanese official stressed …

Sudan: Religious freedom is guaranteed in the Constitution

Khartoum 21/04/2018 – The Sudanese Justice Minister Idris Jamil recognizes the freedoms in the country set forth in international conventions, pointing out that religious coexistence has long been in Sudan.

He said on Saturday, when addressing the Religious Freedoms Forum in Sudan, organized by the Consultative Council for Human Rights in Sudan in cooperation with …

The main headlines of the Khartoum press on Monday

Khartoum 16/04/2018 – The Khartoum press on Monday focused on a number of internal issues, with the majority highlighting the topic of appointing judges for the corruption cases, and also focusing on the Arab Summit which was concluded yesterday in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia.

AlSudani –  The course of the Arab summit ( The Jerusalem summit) …

Sudan requests support from the United Nations to promote Human Rights

Khartoum 15/04/2018 – The government of Sudan requested from the Independent Expert on Human Right Aristide Nononsi to focus on the task at hand, which is limited to capacity building and providing technical support, urging that the Human Rights Council reports the positive progress witnessed in the field of Human Rights.
Upon the arrival of …

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