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President AlBashir presents a United Nations official with an award

Khartoum 26/04/2018 – The President of the Republic of Sudan, Omar AlBashir awarded the United Nations Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator (UN RC/HC), Ms Marta Ruedas the First-Class Order of the Two Niles in appreciation for her Service in Sudan from August 2015 till April 2018.

Ms Marta Ruedas was granted the First-Class Order of the Two …

Sudan: (36.5) tons in gold production during the first quarter of 2018

Khartoum 22/04/2018 – The performance report for the Sudanese Mineral Resources Company “Control arm of the Ministry of Resources” revealed that gold production for the first quarter reached (36.5) tons with a performance rate of (162%) while revenues during the first quarter reached ( 778) million Sudanese Pounds with a performance of (104%).
According to …

Sudan prepares for the visit of the Chinese President

 Khartoum 22/04/2018 – Sudan announced the start of consultations and arrangements for the upcoming visit of the Chinese president to Sudan this year, at the same time revealed a number of proposed visit dates.
The Sudanese ambassador in Beijing, Omar Issa Ahmed, said in a statement, quoted by the Sudanese Media Center, that the Chinese …

Desalegn to Al-Bashir: Briefing on the peace and unification of Ethiopians

Khartoum 21/04/2018 – Former Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn briefed Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir on the circumstances of his departure from office, while stressing his country’s keenness to maintain strong relations between Sudan and Ethiopia.

Al-Bashir during a meeting with Desalegn on Saturday in Bahir Dar, praised the peaceful transfer of power and the Ethiopian …

Sudan: Religious freedom is guaranteed in the Constitution

Khartoum 21/04/2018 – The Sudanese Justice Minister Idris Jamil recognizes the freedoms in the country set forth in international conventions, pointing out that religious coexistence has long been in Sudan.

He said on Saturday, when addressing the Religious Freedoms Forum in Sudan, organized by the Consultative Council for Human Rights in Sudan in cooperation with …

The Sudanese Army: Participation in the Arab Alliance is a moral obligation

Khartoum 21/04/2018 – The head of the Joint Chief of Staff, Lieutenant-General Kamal Abdel-Marouf praised his country ‘s participation in the Arab coalition to restore legitimacy in Yemen, and considered it a source of pride and dignity for the Sudanese soldiers added to its track record, previous participations and remarkable professionalism.

Abdel-Marouf addressed the officers, non-commissioned …

European concern over the Abyei dispute between Sudan and South Sudan

Khartoum 18/04/2018 – The ambassadors of the European Union countries in Sudan showed concern towards the conditions of the people in the disputed Abyei region between Sudan and South Sudan, stressing the urgent need to improve the basic services especially in water, education and health sector, along with the rule of law.

Ambassadors and representatives …

Khartoum announces its readiness for commercial trade with Juba

Khartoum 18/04/2018 – The White Nile State Wali Abul-Hamid Musa Kasha announced the opening of the Office of Foreign Trade, to complete the technical arrangements for the resumption of trade with South Sudan after the opening of border crossings.

Kasha confirmed during his speech at the trade workshop held in Kosti on Wednesday, the readiness of …

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