The main headlines of the Khartoum Press on Thursday

The main headlines of the Khartoum Press on Thursday

Khartoum 26/04/2018 – The fuel crisis in the country continues to dominate the interests of the Khartoum press. The newspapers published today Thursday about the  determination of Khartoum’s mandate to mobilize public and private owners of vehicles (both petrol and diesel). Also details about the meeting held at the Parliament with the Committee of Energy and Resources, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Oil and the Central Bank of Sudan.

Altayar – The state of Khartoum revealed new procedures and controls related to the fuel crisis, which entered its sixth day, where the Ministry of Infrastructure and Construction, according to Altayar, is preventing the selling of fuel outside a vehicle’s gas tank  (in bottles or barrels) without authorization from a Department of Transport and Petroleum.

AlSudani – Details of the oil vessels in Port Sudan. An official source told AlSudani that the Ministry of Finance has paid the shipment of seven oil tankers worth 120 million dollars, were ships and docking except a few porters, deal with oil derivatives. Currently a tanker unloading 36 thousand tons of diesel ends today, for another intervention carrying 30 thousand tons of petrol.

AlJareeda – Trading in the Sudanese currency. Aljareeda reported that financial transactions in Khartoum and other nearby states, have bought cash, increasing by up to 10% in some cases. According Aljareeda, cash holders who deal with this method, offers the money needed by the owner in cash and receives a check for a higher amount of money delivered.

Alsayha – Mohiuddin Ali Muhammad, Director of the Sudanese Cotton Company, was arrested yesterday and subjected to investigate the financial excesses and losses that have plagued the company since the time he Chaired in 2012, including the investigation of irregularities amounting to more than 100 million Dollars.

Alintibaha – The military police announced the escape of prisoners accused of human trafficking, from the military prison.

Almijhar Alseyasi (Political Scope) – The police in Khartoum was able to decipher the murder of the child, Hanadi, in Hudalab, Ambda, who was found hung at home and five suspects were arrested.


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